The Belly Bag

The Belly Bag

I started this blog because I’m homeschooled and my mom is using it as a creative writing class for me. I’m into listening and creating good music, unique fashion and style trends and I’m also into drawing. So, this blog will be mostly about those things.

Today, I’m writing about my latest “must have” fashion accessory. I purchased it over the weekend and I’ve worn it every day since then. It’s the belly bag…but my mom insists on calling it a fanny pack…or granny pack…or something like that. From what it sounds like, she was never cool enough to wear one. Others call it a bumbag or waist bag. Whatever you call it, it was trendy way back in the 90s and now has made its official comeback.

[edgtf_blockquote text=”Wear your belly bag with any clothing style” width=”65″]

I picked up my bag from Brandy Melville. It’s comes in this black faux leather, but is surprisingly good quality. The material is easy to care for and allows for a lower price point at only $20. Which, in my world, still costs a lot of chores but worth it because this bag is so cool.

What I like most about this comeback accessory is it versatility. It can be styled with a casual outfit and can also be worn with something a little more fancy and everything in between. So you can hold your phone, guitar picks and small toys while still looking cool.

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